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Welcome to Anouk’s Ark. I am Anouk. I am a visual artist, a vegan, an animal rights activist and a mother (and step mother). I had put together this website prior to becoming a mom. I’d published eco friendly, made in Canada games and puzzles that sold in many stores throughout Canada and the U.S. My products were derived from images I’d drawn, and the subject matter was saving endangered species and our planet. I have since closed up that side of my creative outlet, spent the past 5 years launching a daughter into full day kindergarten (while caring for her older half siblings) and am slowly working my way back into my art and activism.
The first piece of artwork since the birth of Marin Kaatje came about just a few days before Canadian Thanksgiving. It is below. A drawing of my then 3 year old (vegan since conception), hugging a beautiful turkey while visiting the Farm Sanctuary in New York last summer.
Moving forward, I will post my latest work, ideas, and products available for purchase. My focus has shifted from endangered species, to another dire worldwide problem – animals used by humans for food, clothing and entertainment and how this is affecting our future and the future of our planet. I want desperately for there to be a world for my/our children and our children’s children to thrive in. Sadly, if we, as consumers continue on our current path, this is looking like a very grim prospect to achieve.
Thank you for stopping by. This website will be a constant work in progress. Please visit periodically to see what’s new!
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