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Toronto Star article has my blood boiling!!

Today’s Star gave three pages away to a story that makes my stomach turn. A man who hunts gets attacked by his prey and now seeks to put an end to it once and for all.
CLICK HERE for story.
I couldn’t keep quiet, I wrote a letter to the editor…I hope it gets published!

Dear Toronto Star Editor,

I was trying really hard not to blow a gasket while reading your story this morning (Revisiting Stories of 2010, Dec.27, 2010) about Gerald Marois, a man attacked by a bear – while hunting!!! – who is seeking revenge. How can the Toronto Star allocate not one, but three pages to this story? We are accosted with sensationalistic visuals of Marois’ hospital-gowned body and indignant face, complete with injuries, on three separate pages. This is beneath you Toronto Star and better reserved for the pages of supermarket tabloids.

Marois, a self proclaimed “lifelong big-game hunter” finally gets some payback. A bear living out it’s natural life in the wild is confronted by a man intruding on its territory and the bear defends itself. Marois claims he’s had a spiritual awakening because he survived and “there must be something I’m supposed to accomplish, so I keep my heart open”. Does an open heart suggest go after this creature and “get him” as payback for his injuries? He says he’s not vengeful. If that’s not vengeance, then what is it? Marois survived, he should call it a day and count his blessings.

What I want to know is why the provincial Ministry of Natural Resources spent valuable man hours and our tax dollars setting traps and tracking down a bear that was merely defending itself? Why, when an animal is provoked, must it end in the death of that animal? Where is the justice for the bear?

Spain: Bull leaps into crowd, is killed…

A Globe and Mail article on Aug. 19, 2010 about a bull that injured 40 people and then was executed…

It is extremely distressing to learn that this animal was executed for an incident that was instigated and
provoked by humans solely for human entertainment. Bulls are not objects, they are sentient beings capable of
feeling fear, pain and loss. This bull had no choice but to act out in the way he did. He was driven mad by
constant taunting and apparently also an injured horn. All he wanted was to get the heck out of an incredibly stressful situation.
What on earth can a creature do when it can’t speak, can’t reason with its abusers? Blind panic and a desperate search for a way out.
This wasn’t a typical bullfight where bulls are often killed or “harmed”? For spectators to think no harm
comes to these animals is misguided. What about discussing the stress they endure or the confusion
they must surely feel being put in a ring surrounded by large yelling crowds? Shouldn’t all living
creatures have a right to live out their natural lives in their natural surroundings?
We are animals too, human animals. Are we superior? There is so much we can learn
from the natural world. I urge anyone to take the time to softly look into the eyes of an animal
and tell me they can’t feel some stirring of compassion and love.

Totstock 2010!!

On Sunday, June 27th, from 2-5pm, Sorauren Park will come alive with song, dance, stories and more.
Brought to you by the totsquad (and lots of volunteer moms and dads), totstock is a vibrant, noisy, whimsical celebration of family and community.

There will be live music, children’s games and activities, story-telling & puppet shows, great food & a rollicking good time all in support of the Wabash Building Society in particular & the common good in general.

Anouk’s Ark will be participating at this 2nd annual Totstock…a kid-friendly Woodstock inspired event.
For more information please click THIS LINK to learn all about it!


This is a little chipmunk I drew and framed when I lived in New Mexico…thought it was an appropriate image to celebrate Earth Day. Excuse the fuzziness of the image ( reflection of the glass )
Love the planet you’re in! Let’s ensure we have enough habitat for all.
©anouk bikkers 2010
Anouk Bikkers

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