* From the Manchester Museum :
Hi Anouk!
Hope you’re going well.
The games have arrived and they are fantastic, we’re all really impressed and pleased. The extra cards and booklet are great and really help to sell the game as a whole. We’re hoping to do a proper launch this weekend with a full table set up to introduce it to customers properly.
I will continue to feedback with the publics reactions and how the games are selling.
Best wishes,

Laura O’Donnell
Retail Supervisor
Manchester Museum
University of Manchester
Tel 0161 275 2635

* An email from an amazing organization called Elephant Thoughts :
“Hey – the memory game has grown legs and is walking out of the store! Everybody loves them.”
Lisa Farano
President, Elephant Thoughts
Phone: 705.444.2012 Fax: 705.444.2214
charitable registration # 85213 9336 RR0001
Inspired Education Everywhere

* A forwarded message from a woman who gave a puzzle to her friend’s 3 year old son:
“Thank you so much for bringing those lovely gifts down. Joshua absolutely loves the puzzle. I am not exaggerating , he does this puzzle many times a day. It has a permanent spot on my floor. He will make it up and then make me close my eyes , walk me over and say surprise. He calls the little write up his “selection” and wants me to sit down and read it to him…Over and Over.”
– Jennifer, Kamloops, BC

* “A great game for teaching and having fun at the same time. The animal illustrations are beautiful!”
Ruth Morrison, Environment Committee, Lambton-Kingsway Junior Middle School

Anouk Bikkers

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