All artwork © Anouk Bikkers

Malou the Asian Elephant

Pookie the Aye Aye

Ginger the Barn Owl


Davie the Chimpanzee

Claude the Eastern Cougar

Oscar the Ring Tailed Lemur


Paquito the Panamanian Golden Frog

Mbali and Ndidi the Gorillas

Lyndsy and Loki the Koalas


Peaches the Lemur Leaf Frog

Ayu the Sumatran Orangutan

Onofre the Orinoco Crocodile


Fred the Coho Salmon

Kira the Pallid Sturgeon

Ayo the African Wild Dog


Tiombe the Bengal Tiger

Sparky the Black Footed Ferret

Baako the Black Rhinoceros


Bahari the Blue Whale

Kelly the California Condor

Chiku the Cheetah....Powered by natural gas!


Mazzy the Cuvier's Gazelle

Setita- the Fiji Crested Iguana

Zhu the Giant Panda

Winston the Green Sea Turtle

Zhara the Grevy's Zebra

Cody the Grizzly Bear


Hanna the Hyacinth Macaw

Duke and Daisy the Peary Caribou

Kuk-uq the Polar Bear


Zuri the Pygmy Hippo

Jacks the Red Wolf

Tordy the Marine Otter


Peanut the Vancouver Island Marmot

Candy the West Indian Manatee

Sissy and Bean the Whooping Cranes

Anouk Bikkers

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