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Sea World Fiasco, etc…

The recent death of a Sea World trainer has me thinking again about the whole ‘animals in captivity’, ‘animals for our entertainment’ …

Haven’t we as humans made incredible leaps in technology in a very short period of time considering the whole history of the world? Look at the movie Avatar. Look at all the beautiful IMAX movies that are out there. This 3D experience could really grow and become something.

This is my vision:

In the not too distant future, there will no longer be a need for zoos or aquariums or live animal- themed parks. All those captive creatures will live out their lives in their natural habitats. Of course there’d be a transition period for those that have lived in captivity…..they’d have to go to sanctuaries or reserves as they might not do so well in the really wild world. While that transition is taking place, the techies and the incredible animators of today will be creating entire virtual worlds… huge theme parks with simulated jungles, oceans, and mountains filled with virtual life!
We would enter these parks, 3D glasses in hand and walk (or swim) amongst the creatures that now we can only view from behind bars or glass tanks. The sounds, the smells, the humid air of a rainforest would all be simulated and we’d feel like we’re really there.

AND….get this ( this is the best part )…NO ANIMALS WOULD HARMED OR ‘TRAINED’ OR CAGED for our pleasure and amusement at all!

What do you think? Is this possible?
Anouk Bikkers

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