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Wisconsin Greyhounds Need Help

Being a proud companion to an incredible greyhound/lab mix rescue dog ( she’s the dog in my Anouk’s Ark logo! )…this story is very distressing to me. There is a greyhound racetrack in Wisconsin that is closing down. It has 900 dogs! A large number of them are being dispersed among other race tracks – which is horrible!!! There shouldn’t BE any race tracks! These dogs are just a commodity, an entertainment, a source of money- all for our pleasure and their abuse?!?! It’s ridiculous and backward. Aside from that though, there are several hundred dogs that are in need of homes and if they don’t find them they will be killed. Unfortunately the well meaning person who wrote the article can’t spell euthanize (!)…but at least the word is spreading about these poor creatures. They deserve the one on one care and love of a human companion to live out their final days…not to be run ragged until they are no longer “useful” and killed and in this case just killed because a racetrack is closing its doors.
If you want to learn more click here to read the article.