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Polar Bears: Shift in Habitat in the Beaufort Sea Region

I just came across a posting from e! Science News that I felt was worth noting. There are so many articles out there about climate change, shrinking ice in the polar regions, polar bears as poster children for endangered species and global warming…
It seems clear to me after reading this article that refers to a long term study ( 27 years ) by U.S. government Minerals Management Services in the Beaufort Sea area that there is a definite change in polar bear habitat. With this change comes an increase in human – polar bear contact. Shrinking ice ( polar bears preferred habitat ) means increased sightings of bears in water and on land and near people. This is definitely NOT good news for polar bears!
Please read this article and search more on the subject if this interests/concerns you at all. It sure concerns me. Polar bear – human contact to me equals more polar bears being killed…

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Burrowing Owls vs. Playing Fields?

I opt for keeping the burrowing owl’s habitat intact and let the kids run circles around that! Mountain View California up near San Francisco is caught between wanting to create sports fields and preserving the habitat of the few remaining burrowing owls in the area….Who do you think should win? To me it’s a no brainer…save the owls!
If you want to learn a bit more click here to read a recent article on the subject.
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