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I want to take a moment to spread the word about a very worthwhile organization Create Rainforest – Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) that is working tirelessly to help the Orangutans and other endangered species in the Borneo rainforest by building and maintaining what’s left of this vital ecosystem.
Below I have copied an excerpt from the Facebook page of Marianne Rosendal Joss Andersen from Copenhagen, Denmark. Marianne is hands on, in the field, making a difference!
Please read about her organization, join them on facebook, donate what you can. Situations like what is happening in Borneo affect all of us and we’d be very short sighted to think otherwise.

Note: above photos and quoted excerpt below were taken from the Facebook page of Marianne Rosendal Joss Andersen
“Help BORNEO ORANGUTAN SURVIVAL to protect the rainforest, the orangutans and to STOP the DEFORESTATION. The rate of loss of orangutans has NEVER been greater than in the last three years, and oil-palm plantations are mostly to blame. We are facing a silent MASSACRE, taking place far from where people can see what is going on. We need international co-operation NOW to address this crisis.


By means of a unique reforestation concept BORNEO ORANGUTAN SURVIVAL is creating a sanctuary for orangutans, sunbears and other endangered species on Borneo- maybe the last one.

Deforestation is taking place in Borneo at an ever accelerating pace. The main reason for such excessive deforestation are palm oil plantations that have now replaced many ancient forest areas.
Forests are not only important because of different species that use them as their habitats, but also because of CO2 absorption which is vital in fight against global warming.

Orangutans are not only our closest relatives in the animal kingdom; they are also indispensable for the biological diversity of the rainforest due to their role of seed distributors. They are the so called umbrella species. The protection of these fascinating great apes serves at the same time to preserve the rainforest´s eco system.

During the last decades the once species-rich rainforest of SAMBOJA LESTARI was cleared and burnt down relentlessly. Nutrient-consuming elephant grass took over completely. What remained was an ecological waste land. Nowadays it is already visible that this doesn´t have to stay- since 2001 BOS is creating NEW RAINFOREST. AN INNOVATIVE CONCEPT OF REFORESTATION AND PROTECTION IS CHANGING THIS AREA INTO A NATURAL HABITAT AGAIN.”

Jane Goodall USA interviews Anouk’s Ark!

As if this day couldn’t get any better…it just did! I was treated by my sweetheart to an afternoon of horseback riding out in the country – a MUCH needed little break from the busy-ness of the past few months. The sun is shining, the air crisp and clear, I’m sitting on a beautiful horse, riding through the woods with trees sprouting fresh green leaves and flowers, a majestic red tailed hawk flies overhead …heaven. Then I come home to a package from the Jane Goodall Institute USA (Roots & Shoots) filled with copies of their most recent newsletter! Back in the fall they interviewed me for their “Career Spotlight” section. The publishing was slightly delayed, but it’s never a bad time to get some lovely publicity. And when that publicity comes from an organization whose founder is one of my all time idols and whose work I admire and support, life just doesn’t get any sweeter! 🙂
The newsletter is not yet uploaded to their website, but I have scanned the section for you to see and will attach it to this post: AnoukJGIProfile
Hurray for May 6th!!! Hurray for Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots! Hurray for time outs to enjoy the beauty of spring!
Thank you universe.

Anouk Bikkers

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Anouk’s Ark has set sail!

Anouk’s Ark is officially launched! Thank you to all who made it such a success: The Monkey Bunch, The Little Paper, The Tot Squad, New Moon Kitchen, Front Door Organics, The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada… A huge thank you to my wonderful friends who helped set up, run the event and take it all down: Angel( and Shea ), Bill, Jackie, Julian, Lyndsy, David, my Mom and Dad. And, thank you to all who came out to party and purchase the Endangered Species Memory Game and the Endangered Species 2 in 1 Puzzles! You have contributed to raising money for the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada and you’re helping me fulfill my goal to make this world a better place for all species.
Here is a little video I put together from the launch at the St. Lawrence Market Kitchen in downtown Toronto:
Anouk Bikkers

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This is a little chipmunk I drew and framed when I lived in New Mexico…thought it was an appropriate image to celebrate Earth Day. Excuse the fuzziness of the image ( reflection of the glass )
Love the planet you’re in! Let’s ensure we have enough habitat for all.
©anouk bikkers 2010
Anouk Bikkers

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Endangered Species Memory Game!!

I went to the manufacturer who is making the game and puzzle pieces on friday afternoon. It was so exciting to see everything in production. I got samples to take home as well copies of the information booklet that’s going in the game. Very soon I will have my games and puzzles. Yippee!
Yep, I’m giddy with excitement. This 2nd version of my Endangered Species Memory Game is ‘greener’ and better made than the first one. Fourteen out of the 36 illustrations are brand new too.
Feeling good!

Anouk Bikkers

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It’s Really Happening!

I am getting excited! It’s been a long, interesting, educational journey to get my new products realized…but…they ARE getting realized! As I write this the images for the new Endangered Species Memory Game and the new Endangered Species 2 in 1 Puzzle Series are going to print. All made here in Toronto and greener than ever! Yahoo!
I’m in the middle of planning a big spring launch party/fundraiser too. The Jane Goodall Institute of Canada will receive a portion of all sales of the games and puzzles on the day of the launch. The hippest, most outrageously fun kid’s band EVER will be there too – Sho Mo and the Monkey Bunch !
I’ll keep you posted as to how things progress…
Here’s a mock up of what one side of one of the Endangered Species 2 in 1 Puzzle Series puzzles will look like: just click the link below!
PuzzleA_PolarBear_side1Anouk Bikkers

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